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For roughly 10 years prior to using FileSafe, we had various IT companies help us with our computer and server needs. We paid top dollar to get what we thought was the best IT help we could afford. These IT people always assured me that we were backed up in case disaster struck. Unfortunately for us, we did have a real disaster one day. We lost a week’s worth of data and it took several days to get us back up and running again. This was devastating and very costly on several different levels.


The Filesafe server and program seemed too good to be true, but we came on board in 2009.


Have we tested FileSafe? Of course we have! Filesafe has pulled through with flying colors EVERY time. We have never missed a beat. We have pulled the backups of documents on several occasions. It’s no problem. They have never failed us when it comes to recovering any document that we’ve lost.


I have done less make-shift IT work and less worrying than I ever did before bringing them on board. Honestly, from my perspective, we don’t have issues with our server anymore. NEVER. Because whenever there is an issue, it’s fixed before we even know about it. I can honestly say, since we signed on with Filesafe, we have not lost data or had any significant downtime at all.


It truly is a no-brainer.

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